TLC For Cars

What does it mean that a car needs a little TLC?

When you hear the phrase that a car needs a little TLC, it means that your car can be in perfect condition with just a little effort. TLC does not include the significant problems of your vehicle; it just has all the basic things that make your car feels like entirely new.

When a car is listed under TLC, it does not mean that it is nonfunctional. It means that the owner has been taking excellent care of the vehicle, but lately, he didn’t give it good care. You only need to provide it with some services, and it will be fresh as new for you. After buying the car under TLC, you need to change its engine oil, wash it thoroughly, check the water and lights, and ensure everything is working correctly.

Prevent damage and save money by giving your car TLC

You will always find the TLC meaning cars at a little low price as compared to other cars. Below are some of the things that you can check every once in a while, and your car will be in perfect condition for a long time. Here is a list of things you can check in your car:

TLC For Cars

  • Tires: Rotate your car wheels once in two weeks and check on their pressure. Always keep a spare tire with you in case of any emergency.
  • Lights: Check if all the lights are working or not. This includes brake light, reversing light, indicators, headlights, and fog lights. Make sure that your indicators are not dull, as then you need to replace them with bright bulbs.
  • Water: Keep a check on the water level in the radiator. Always check when the car has cooled down.
  • Engine oil: Keep checking the oil level when the car is a little warm. All you need to do is stop your car, wait for a few minutes so that the oil can settle, and then check it with the dipstick.
  • Car wash: Wash your car at least twice a month to avoid facing major and expensive vehicle breakdowns.

How much does general car TLC cost?

The cost of TLC for cars ranges from one vehicle to another. It also depends on the faults that need to be fixed. Mostly the average price is from AED 150 to AED 1500. These services include the above basic things and cover up the dents and scratches that they find in the car.


Every car has its lifetime, and after some time, its performance starts to decline. If you want to know what is TLC for cars in short, then understand it as the service that will increase the lifetime value of your vehicle. Without assistance, the performance of the vehicle and its costs decline.

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