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Tesla Price and Specs in the UAE

Tesla offers four models in the UAE, the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and the Model X. What makes these different variants distinct are their  power output, features and long range capabilities. To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of features, specifications, and the Tesla prices in UAE.

Tesla insights

Texas based automaker, Tesla specializes in producing electric vehicles and battery packs. The company was co-founded by visionary engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk. His mission is to transform the automotive space and bring more electric vehicles on the road. Tesla currently offers four standard models, all of which are available in the UAE. They have discontinued their first gen roadster and are planning to launch a second generation model, along with a pickup (Cybertruck), and semi-truck.

Models of Tesla you can buy in the UAE

If you are looking to buy a Tesla, you can choose from a range of 4 different models. Below mentioned are the details pertaining to the specifications, features, and Tesla car prices in UAE:

  • Model 3
  • Models S
  • Model X
  • Model Y

Model 3 

Tesla Model 3 is categorized as a mid-level variant. It can deliver an impressive range of 381 miles (614 kilometers) on a single charge for the Long Range model. The electric motors power the rear-wheels of the car, and take it from 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds. There’s also a Performance version of the Model 3 which is capable of taking the car from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The Model 3 has a total power output of 165-kw (221 hp) with a top speed of 140 mph (225 km/h).

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 comes in three variants in total: a Standard version, Long Range and Performance model. Their range capabilities are 491 km WLTP, 614 km WLTP and 547 km WLTP respectively. The WLTP is a measure of electric consumption and driving range.

Like all other Tesla models, the Model 3 houses its battery under the floor, which gives the car a better center of gravity and balance. The placement of the battery provides stable cornering, crisp handling and maneuvering. Model 3 offers various different charging options; Tesla fast-charging stations known as the ‘Supercharger’, DC adapters for public charging, 120 and 240 volt outlets, and also a home charging unit.

Interior of the Tesla Model 3

The interior of the Tesla is quite literally like no other car interior. It has the most minimalistic cabin layout with one 15 inch infotainment display placed in the center. The standard features available include bluetooth, navigation, USB connectivity and other internet streaming options.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Unfortunately, it does not come with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatible systems. For entertainment the Tesla infotainment setup offers YouTube and Netflix streaming along with a host of different arcade games.

Tesla Model 3 prices in UAE starts at AED 174,990 for the base variant and goes upto AED 224,990 performance model.

Model S

This electric sedan by Tesla, is powered by three motors. The Plaid version of the Tesla Model S produces a whopping 760-kw (1020 horsepower). It has a top speed of 216 mph and can sprint from 0-60 mph in a mere 2.3 seconds.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Plaid has a range of 390 miles (627 kilometers). Its base variant, the Model S Long Range has a total estimated range of 412 miles (663 kilometers) and a power output of 500-kw (670 horsepower).

The Model S variants have three electric motors placed one in the front and two in the rear. These motors are independently and digitally controlled to deliver torque to the front and rear wheels.

Models S interior

The massive 17.0-inch display controls almost all the functions of the car. It also has an additional display for the digital gauge cluster and touchpad placed in the rear-seats. The total luggage capacity of the Model S is 894 liters, front and rear trunk combined.

Tesla Model S Interior

Tesla Model S price in UAE starts at AED 454,945.

Model X

The Tesla Model X is categorized as an EV-crossover vehicle. Its Standard variant is equipped with two electric motors and produces a power output of 499-kw (670 horsepower). The three motor Plaid version of the Model X produces 760-kw (1020 horsepower).

Tesla Model X

Model X standard can go from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds with the Plaid version being faster at 2.3 seconds. Both these variants have an all-wheel drive system.

Top speed of the Model X is limited to 155 mph (249 km/h) with the Plaid version going up to 162 mph (262 km/h). Total range capability of the Model X standard is 351 miles (564 km) and Plaid is 335 miles (539 km). One of the highlight features of the car is its falcon-styled door with a unique entertainment dance feature.

Tesla Model X interior

The Tesla Model X comes with a yoke-style steering, and a digital gauge cluster. The infotainment setup is supported by a 17.0-inch display with right-left tilt feature. It has a total cargo capacity of 2576 liters combining both front and rear trunk spaces.

Tesla Model X price in UAE starts at AED 449,990 with the Plaid versions costing more.

Model Y

This EV-crossover comes in two variants Long Range and Performance. These models offer varied range capabilities, with 330 (531 kilometers) and 303 miles (487 kilometers) respectively. The Long Range has a power output of 286-kw (384 horsepower) with the Performance model making 336-kw (450 horsepower).

Tesla Model Y

Top speed of the Model Y Long Range is 135 mph (217 km/h) and can go from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds. On the other hand, the Performance has a top speed of 155 mph (249 km/h) with a 0-60 mph timing of 3.5 seconds.

Interior of Tesla Model Y

The Model Y comes with a roomy cabin space. It carries the same minimalistic approach as the Model 3 does in its interior with one 15.0-inch display that controls all the cars function. Its large panoramic glass roof brings in great illumination into the cabin. The Model Y comes standard as a 5-seater but can be upgraded to a 7-seater as well.

Tesla Model Y price in UAE is AED 220,000 for the standard Long Range variant and goes up to AED 240,000 for the Performance model.

Specifications & Features Tesla Models
Model 3 Model S Model X Model Y
Power output Standard – 165-kw (241 hp)

Long Range & Performance – 340-kw (450 hp)

Long Range – 500-kw (670 hp)

Plaid – 760-kw (1020 hp)

Standard – 499-kw (670 hp)

Plaid – 760-kw (1020 hp)

Long Range – 286-kw (384 hp)

Performance – 336-kw (450 hp)

Engine Electric motors Electric motors Electric motors Electric motors
Top speed Standard and Long Range – 225 km/h

Performance – 260 km/h

Long Range – 249 km/h

Plaid – 347 km/h

Standard – 249 km/h

Plaid – 262 km/h

Long Range – 217 km/h

Performance – 249 km/h

0-60 mph timing Standard – 5.1 seconds

Performance & Long Range – 3.1 seconds

Long Range – 2.4 seconds

Plaid – 2.3 seconds

Standard – 3.8 seconds

Plaid – 2.3 seconds

Long Range – 4.8 seconds

Performance – 3.5 seconds

Range  Standard – 491 km

Long Range – 614 km

Performance – 547 km

Long Range – 651 km

Plaid – 451 km/h

Standard – 564 km

Plaid – 539 km

Long Range –  531 km

Performance – 487 km

Tesla Price in UAE  Starting at AED 199,900 Starting at AED 450,000 Staring at AED 440,000 Starting at AED 220,000

“Ride-free, that’s my motto” – Elon Musk

Buy a Tesla in the UAE

Tesla cars are eco-friendly vehicles that offer great comfort and reliability. These electric-vehicles provide an extensive long range capability with a single charge. Although, Tesla’s are not necessarily marketed as luxury or premium cars, their pricing does come in the same bracket. Overall, the maintenance and repairs of EVs are less when compared to combustion engine vehicles. Tesla prices in UAE start from AED 200,000 and go all the way to AED 450,000 and above depending on the Tesla model you choose and the options you add.

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