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Recyc Auto process

Automobiles have to be recycled in a proper way otherwise they end up being a major hazard for the environment as well as for the people. Also, when a vehicle is not properly recycled a lot of important and expensive elements are also wasted such as metal, tires, batteries, oil, etc. To understand what is recyc auto, look at the following steps below.

First Step – Clean up

In this step, all the elements from the car are removed including all the lubricating as well as hydraulic oils. Once everything is drained out, then the next step is to remove all kinds of other components such as the battery, oil filter, tires, wheel weights, gas tanks, etc. All the things that are removed in this first step are separately recycled.

Second step – Crushing

The second step consists of all the remaining parts such as the overall body and metal of the car. This is crushed by machines and then it is perfectly stacked together so that it is easy to be transported from one place to another. The purpose is to only make it crushed enough to carry as it has to send to another place for the shredder to complete the process.

Third step – Shredding

There are some specific shredding sites where there are big machines to do the job. Once all the stacked and crushed material of the car reaches there then first it is weighed. After that, they are shredded into very tiny pieces which are further recycled to make something new.

Few words to describe what is recyc auto

recyc auto

Recycling the automobiles that are being ruined in our neighborhoods is a practice that has to be normalized. Recycling includes some very necessary and basic elements that have to be kept in focus. All the things within the car need to be separated first as the metal and elements are recycled separately. Once the car is shredded into tiny particles then it is further used to make something new.

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