Oil Pump Problem

The Oil pump is an extremely important component that draws oil from the oil pan and channels it through the oil filter to various bearings. An Oil pump indicator turns on, warning the driver of an oil pressure drop or leakage. This is generally observed during idling and low speeds. Other signs to note are as follows:

  • Increase in engine temperature while operating the vehicle
  • Noise from the oil pump and valve train

Oil Pan Gasket Problem

The function of an oil pan gasket is to hold the engine petrol in place. This particular component has been commonly malfunctioning for Ford engines. The oil pan gasket decreases in functionality from about 32,000km to about 80,000km. Some of the factors highlighting the issue include

Oil Pan Gasket Problem

  • A rise in engine temperature
  • Smoke arising from the engine bay
  • Quickly running out of oil
  • Engine oil leaks from beneath the car

Is an oil pan gasket leakage a serious issue? In most cases, this isn’t considered a major issue. But if left unchecked, the issue will prolong and worsen over time. In order to avoid engine wear, it’s advisable to detect it and resolve it accordingly.

Engine light problems

Engine light is a safety warning indicator and is also among the most recurring issues for a Ford V6 engine. When a check engine light is triggered, it means that there is an issue with the car’s engine, and it needs to be attended to immediately. If the light continues to blink, it goes to show that the engine is facing a serious issue.


The reasons for the occurrence of engine light problems are usually caused by a faulty spark plug, engine sensor damage, or a loose gas cap.

Other minor issues noted in the Ford 4.2L V6 engine include

Besides the aforementioned problems, the 4.2L V6 Ford engines also face other minor issues, which include

  • Suspension issues
  • Seal leakage
  • Rough and jolty gear shifts

Some of these issues are not easily detectable and thus require careful monitoring. Periodic maintenance can help identify such errors for timely rectification.

All you need to know before buying a Ford 4.2L V6 engine

Ford states that the life expectancy of the Ford V6 engine is roughly about 240,000km to about 480,000km. This also depends on the driving practices followed by the owner. A well-maintained car with periodic engine checks can potentially last longer. Having said that, buying a Ford with a 4.2L V6 configuration post 320,000km could come with a heap of risks and wouldn’t necessarily be advisable.

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