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Here’s how to check car accident history in UAE

To obtain all the details pertaining to your vehicle or the car you intend to buy, you will first need to know its chassis number. It is a unique identification number of 17 digits, also known as the Vehicle Identification Number. This will provide you with information regarding the manufacturer of the car, country of origin, engine specs, and accidents if any.

In the UAE, you can access any of the four below-mentioned government sources to check your car history online.

how to check car accident history in UAE

  1. Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)
  2. Ministry of Interior (MOI)
  3. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
  4. Abu Dhabi Police

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EGV)

Follow a few easy steps to find all the information regarding the car accident history on the emirates vehicle gate website. On the Emirates Vehicle Gate portal, enter the chassis number and hit search. This will provide you with an elaborate report on the car’s accident history, cause, time, and location.

Ministry of Interior (MOI)

The Ministry of Interior website provides an easy way to view car accident history. To do so, choose ‘E-Services.’ from the menu bar. In the drop-down menu, select the ‘Traffic and Licensing’ option, then select ‘Accident Inquiry.’ Here, you will have to enter the VIN number of the car, and a detailed report on the accident history will be provided immediately.

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

If you are a resident of Dubai, the RTA offers a service known as the ‘Technical Vehicle Status Certificate.’ In order to obtain this particular service, a fee of Dh100 is charged and an additional amount of Dh20 for the Knowledge and Innovation certificate. Acquiring this service will provide the user with extensive details regarding the car, from accident history and insurance to vehicle status and more.

Abu Dhabi Police

Here’s how you can retrieve car accident history from the Abu Dhabi Police’s official website.

  1. Click on the ‘E-Services’ option. This will direct you to the ‘E-Services’ landing page.
  2. Once you are in, select the ‘Public Services’ option, and choose ‘Vehicle Accident Inquiry’ from the drop-down menu. Here, you will need to enter the car chassis number for you to view all the information related to the car’s accident history.

Quick and easy methods to obtain car accident history in the UAE

car accident in uae

Access to the above-mentioned government portals makes it easier for users to check car accident history in the UAE at any given time. A few straightforward steps to follow, and you can view an elaborate and valid report containing all the information regarding the status of your car.

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