Catalytic converters

Cars that are least likely to have catalytic converters stolen

The first in the list least likely to have catalytic converters stolen are the electric cars, as they lack catalytic converters. Electric vehicles don’t require catalytic converters as they don’t emit harmful gasses.

Some of the cars with their catalytic converters installed inside the engine compartment are least likely to get noticed by the thieves. American brands such as Dodge, Chrysler, and Japanese brands such as Nissan use less valuable catalytic converters; hence, they are not included in the list.

Cars with the most stolen catalytic converters

Hybrid vehicles top the list as they have a high concentration of palladium, one of the most expensive metals. Luxury cars like Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Aventador have metals platinum, rhodium, and palladium as their catalytic converter, making them attractive to the community of thieves.

Catalytic converters

Toyota Prius is one of the most targeted cars for its catalytic converter. This car is regulated by electric motors, which puts less effort on catalytic converters, enhancing its durability. Trucks and SUVs are also targeted because they are raised off the ground.

How does a catalytic converter look?

The catalytic converter looks like a metal box. It is on the underside of a vehicle sandwiched between the engine and the muffler. Honeycomb structure covered with catalysts is the primary design used in its mechanism.

This catalyst changes harmful gasses from the engine to non-toxic gasses before they are released into the air. It consists of two pipes, the input pipe is connected to the engine, and the output pipe is attached to the car’s tailpipe.

Factors that make your car perfect chance for catalytic converter theft

Catalytic Converters are popular among conmen due to the presence of precious metals such as palladium, platinum, and rhodium. With the help of just an angle grinder, thieves can quickly get their hands on these luxuries and sell them on the black market. The prominent presence of such metals has increased catalytic converters’ price value higher than gold.

catalytic converters

Platinum is as high as USD 1,021 per troy ounce, rhodium is USD 14,100, and palladium is USD 1,856 in the market. It is recommended to use anti-theft devices or sensitive alarms in your vehicles to prevent catalytic converter theft.

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