Blend Door Actuator

Where Is Blend Door Actuator Located?

The door actuator is located either at the passenger’s or driver’s sides. It is contained inside a small box with other gadgets. Vehicles have different positions for door actuators, so it is recommended to look at the car manual to find the specific position of the blend door actuator.

How does a blend door actuator work?

The blend door actuator does the rise and fall of temperature set through the dial. Vents and defrosters are also linked to the door actuator. It comprises a small electric motor and a plastic gear made up of plastic housing. Generally, a blend door actuator is incorporated with a sensor optimized by readings programmed within the computer, which helps move the temperature and air direction inside the box to control temperature, defrost, and circulation modes.

blend door work

Signal to the blend door motor is sent by the car’s computer, igniting the engine of the actuator and eventually shifting the direction of the wind. The direction of the vent depends on what is set by the passenger or the driver. This actuator also regulates the temperature setting in the passenger compartment.

How to Find a Faulty Blend Door Actuator?

The inconsistent flow of air coming out of your vent without touching the controls is a sign of a dysfunctional actuator. Your car’s door blend actuator might also be at fault if you hear a strange noise or see the windshield fogging up quicker than usual. The back-and-forth movement of the blend door will give you conflicting airflow from your vent, hinting at technical issues.

In short, if you feel any irregularity in the temperature flow or hear any strange noise from your car, you need to head to the mechanic to get the door actuator checked.

How to Check a Blend Door Actuator?

Blend Door Actuator

Any irregularity in air temperature might be due to the burning of electric motors. The clicking noise in the car arises from breakage in the plastic gear. To check the function of the blend door actuator, the manual of the specific car is suggested.


Mostly the actuator is considered the least important part of any vehicle’s mechanism but has a prominent role in a comfortable ride. The strange noise in your car or the irregular airflow might be an indication of a dysfunctional blend door actuator and should be repaired as early as possible.

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