Car Accessories

List of interiors you must have in your car

Your car deserves the best accessories, whether a used or a new car. Automobile accessories are mostly used to upgrade and customize the look of your vehicle. Let’s look at some car accessories popular in Dubai based on the vehicle’s requirements, performance, and aesthetics.

Car garbage can

Garbage cans are a must-have accessory to avoid getting your car dirty. It frees your car from garbage pile-up and is easy to clean. There are many types of garbage holders available in the market from leak-proof bags to foldable garbage cans.

Portable Vacuum cleaner and Air diffusers

These portable car cleaners are easy to use and quickly clean the mess, from every nook and corner of your vehicle. Various stain removers are also available to make your seat covers spot-free. Some of the common vacuum cleaners are Black+Decker 12V Flexi auto dustbuster, Dolfy handheld vacuums, etc. As for the air diffusers, they are best to remove undesirable odors from your cabin.

GPS Navigators

GPS Navigators

Mobile phones often lose their connectivity in certain locations. In this case, a GPS navigator is necessary to keep you updated about your location all the time.

Car Organizers and Console side pockets

Organizers are advisable for families traveling with kids. It lets you keep your things organized and tidy. Trunk organizers are also available in the market to keep the boot of your car visually tidy and provide more space for your trunk. Console pockets have a cup holder and compartments to organize your wallets, keys, and coins.

Magnetic phone mount and high-speed charger

Magnetic phone mount and high-speed charger

This is one of the famous and necessary attachments to invest in for a safe drive. You have to clip it to your car’s air vent, and you are good to go.  High-speed multi-chargers are a must-have as they never let your phone run out of battery. It comes with two high-speed USB ports and is compact.

Why to Invest in Car accessories?

Maintaining a car can be a tiresome experience. However, the addition of these accessories to your vehicle will make the task a lot more convenient. Some of the other useful automobile accessories include mini tire inflators which are relatively more convenient to use than the huge tire inflators. Inflatable car mattresses, car hooks, etc. This will not only give you a clean and organized car but also make it aesthetically pleasing.

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