bags over car mirrors

How did it start to put bags over car mirrors?

In December 2020 there was an advertisement in which the car’s side mirror had a ziplock bag covering it. The article was to tell people why put bags over car mirrors when traveling alone. The advertisement was posted to show the readers how the trick is beneficial for drivers. People started following the tactic because the idea was famous instead of paying attention to the main reasons and the benefits that the article mentioned.

Who came up with the idea of putting bags over car mirrors?

The published article that got the attention of a mass audience was titled “Put a ziplock bag over your car mirror, here’s why.” Regardless of the kind of information present in the blog, it still made its way to some major websites. Even though the topic was of a significant discussion and was posted to large websites, it failed to provide the answer. The article did not mention the benefit of why people place a ziplock bag on their car’s mirror.

Bags-over-car mirror

Instead of explaining anything about the ziplock bag benefit on the mirror, the article focused more on the life hacks. It showed all the different methods of covering the mirrors. For example, it showed that people could use aluminium foil packaging instead of ziplock bags to wrap up their mirrors.

After all the misleading information, till now, only one article has been able to share a logical benefit. It includes that when you place a bag over the mirror, you can easily save the mirror from snow and dust. As a result, your mirror will be safe from all the scratches. It is a similar reason that people park their cars inside the garages, under any shade, or place car covers when their car is parked. Its purpose is similar to keeping the car safe from any kind of dust, snow, rain, and scratches.

How is it beneficial only when you are alone?

The advertisement that gained attention explained that it has the advantage for people to place it when they are alone as it helps them to avoid getting robbed. When the car is in parking, you can quickly see if someone is approaching you. As for any person who is outside the car, they cannot see in the mirror because of a ziplock bag. Apart from this reasoning, the article failed to mention the primary purpose.

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