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Best Ford Mustang years

Mustang has been the most successful and best-selling sports car, with over 10 million cars sold since its inception in 1964. Despite achieving such accolades, some of the models haven’t been the most successful ones. Before we delve into the disappointing iterations by year, let us get a good look at all successful versions of the Ford Mustang.

  • Ford Mustang 2011
  • Ford Mustang 2014
  • Ford Mustang 2019
  • Ford Mustang 2021

Ford Mustang 2011

Ford Mustang 2011 has gained quite a reputation over the years. Most owners have shared great remarks regarding the model’s engine and overall performance. It has also been praised for its precise handling, fuel economy, safety, and creature comforts. It comes with a user-friendly infotainment system, easier to use in comparison to its older versions. The only noticeable downside to the car is the rear seat spacing. Most critics and car owners have described it as cramped or congested.

Edmunds, one of the world’s leading automotive reviewers, has described the Mustang as “the best pony car on the market,” giving it a 4.8/5 rating.

Ford Mustang 2014

The 2014 Mustang marked the end of an era but continued its DNA by offering its powerful engine. It comes in three different engine configurations – 305 horsepower Humming V6, 420 horsepower, and 662 horsepower V8s. Consumer reports in the US have rated the 2014 model a 4.5 out of 5 for its reliability. US news had rated the interior 7.0 and safety features a strong 8.0 with an overall rating of 8.3/10.

Ford Mustang 2019 (S550)

Ford Mustang

It would be an incomplete list if an S550 wasn’t on it. The 6th generation S550 Mustang was given an 8.9/10 by US news. It scored a 9.1/10 for safety and 9.3/10 critics rating bringing the overall total an 8.3. The interior of this particular was rated a low 7.1/10. NHTSA’s safety rating was a bang on 5/5, clearing the crash test on a high note. It was recognized for its features like blind spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, and lane keep assist technology. It’s noteworthy that the Mustang 2019 is not available in V6 engine trim, instead, it supports a more powerful V8.

The 2019 S550 is without a doubt a reliable model based on owner feedback and long-term automotive reviews

Ford Mustang 2021

This particular iteration scored a strong 76 out of 100 from US consumer reports. A score is assigned based on the overall safety and performance of a vehicle. The 2019 version supports a low-humming engine yet succeeds in delivering high performance. It comes standard with an automatic emergency braking system, driver’s assistance package, and collision warning technology.

The aforementioned are the best Ford Mustang years. Another popular model was the 2017 Mustang. Though it had certain drawbacks to its name and a few callbacks, it still managed to score a 3/5 consumer rating. To answer the question of are Mustangs reliable? Well, the above-mentioned models are certainly reliable and have gained significant praise amongst car owners and automotive critics.

Therefore, all the models mentioned above are the best Ford Mustang years.

Worst Mustang Models

As surprising as it may sound, it’s very difficult for modern vehicles to be as reliable as we would like them to be. With electrically dependent systems integrated into automobiles these days, the probability of malfunctioning is relatively higher in comparison to analog predecessors. Following is a list of the worst Mustang models:

Mustang Model

  • Ford Mustang 2015
  • Ford Mustang 2016
  • Ford Mustang 2018

Ford Mustang 2015

The 2015 S550 had major powertrain problems. This particular model marked the beginning of a new era, bringing in high anticipation for improved parts and performance. The car scored a full 10 rating for powertrain faulty, suggesting it to be a big failure. Owners have complained about rough gear shifts and major jerks in the gearbox.

Ford Mustang 2016

‘Used cars to avoid buying’ is the title the Ford Mustang 2016 holds. The powertrain suffers severe vibrations while driving. In a manual transmission, there have been complaints regarding clutch malfunction without any prior warnings. There have also been issues reported referring to unforeseen loss of power.

Ford Mustang 2018

Many hardcore Mustang enthusiasts have called the 2018 model the worst ever built. It, like the models mentioned above, has scored a low rating of 1 out of 5 in terms of reliability, as per the consumer reports US. The common factors among the aforementioned models are powertrain and gearbox issues, making it one of the most unreliable Mustang to date.

With consistent complaints and callbacks, the models mentioned above are the Mustang years to avoid buying.

Are Ford Mustangs reliable?

Most Mustang models have gained significant success and have also been awarded for their performance and features. With a few disappointing iterations over the years, the brand has taken a hit but has managed to bounce back with its latest versions. If you were to consider buying any of the above-mentioned best models, then there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about as they all are considered reliable versions of the Mustang.

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